Merry Christmas, Y'all! - Prism Supply
We hope you all have a great holiday weekend! We're unplugging for a few days to spend time with family and loved ones, but before we do, we wanted to thank you for another great year. 
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Choppical Pool Party - Prism Supply
The Choppical Pool Party we hosted with Harley-Davidson turned into an incredible time with a bunch of truly great people from the motorcycle community. 
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PRISM SUPPLY | Bike Night | Charlotte, NC - Prism Supply
We held our first Bike Night this past Wednesday and had a great time with everyone who came out. We're planning to host Bike Nights the first Wednesday of every month, which puts our next event on May 4 (weather pending).
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Our Process | Psychic Shifter - Prism Supply
When we started Prism Supply back in 2012, one of our foundational goals was to manufacture as many motorcycle parts in-house as possible. 
But, we were set on having our latest product, the Psychic Shifter, sand casted and that’s simply not something we’re cut out for. 
Sand casting is a discipline that seems to be increasingly rare these days. Not to mention, it was important to find a US-based sand caster. 
After spinning our wheels searching all over the country, we stumbled upon a company right here in Charlotte, Jenkins Electric, who has been operating a casting foundry since before anyone on our team was even born. 
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