1-Day Build | 1961 Panshovel - Prism Supply
We've made several videos documenting the build, but realized we haven't shot photos of it yet. So, we asked Jonny Bourgault to snap some pics of it using his 35mm film camera. 
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Paradise Road Show - Prism Supply

We just back from a trip out west to see a bunch of our friends at the Paradise Road Show. Our trip started with a visit to the Cycle Zombies crew where we got to see Beach Pig and Tropical Beef, Matty Matheson’s two panheads that feature a slew of our parts. 

After that, we got to see the show in Palm Springs at The Saguaro. Our friend Jonny shot some photos while perusing The Golden State, so keep scrolling to enjoy his pics from our trip.

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Behind-The-Scenes | Jonny Bourgault's 1995 Sportster Photoshoot - Prism Supply
We recently built this ‘95 Sportster for our friend, Jonny Bourgault, that he aptly named “Cherry Garcia.” It features our second ever '82-'03 Sportster Hardtail Kit and Jonny steered the design of the bike as a whole while we helped bring his vision to life. 
He’s a really talented photographer who has shot for a variety of major publications in our industry and we love getting to see all the images he makes along the way. So, it only seemed natural that we ask him to shoot his bike for us.
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Cherry Garcia | Jonny Bourgault's 1995 Harley-Davidson Sportster - Prism Supply
Jonny's been our friend for a long time and this Sportster has been a part his life for as long as we've known him. When we were in the early stages of developing our Sportster Hardtail Kit, we asked Jonny if he would be interested in letting us use his bike as our second guinea pig for the kit and he kindly agreed.
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