Dreamboat's Family Visits - Prism Supply
We made a promise to Mark Smith, Dreamboat’s previous owner and son of the original owner Tyree Smith. When we got Dreamboat running again, we would invite him to Charlotte to ride the motorcycle for the first time since he parked it 40+ years ago.
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Cloth Spark Plug Wires - DIY Install - Prism Supply

Are you stir crazy from being at home for longer than usual? Are you looking for your next project?

How about freshening up your bike's spark plug wires? This is a fun and great introductory project for anyone out there looking to tinker on their motorcycle.

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Prism Sportster Parts - Prism Supply
We make an assortment of parts that fit directly up to your sportster so we figured it would be best to show you how we’ve put some of these parts to use! Check out the list of parts accompanied with the photos.
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