2019 Blue Ridge Stakeout

We got home from the inaugural Blue Ridge Stakeout a week ago. After a weekend of riding, swimming, music and camping, everyone in our crew is already itching to do it again.

The show originated because the organizers fell in love with riding the Blue Ridge Parkway several years ago during a trip from the Gypsy Run down to the Catalina Wine Mixer. The winding roads and lack of traffic lights sparked an urge to start an event in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Floyd, VA.

The Blue Ridge Stakeout staff rented a beautiful 200+ acre property in Floyd called Chantilly Farm. The rolling green hills of the farm created the perfect venue for camping, partying and live music. Not to mention the fog-filled valleys and sunrises created the perfect vibe for the crew - in between our Blue Ridge Parkway adventures.

Overall, we laughed a lot, saw some amazing bikes and made a ton of new friends. Needless to say, we’ll be keeping an eye out for the next event these folks create because it’s sure to be a good one!