My Garage

Harley-Davidson x Prism Supply

Our latest series, in partnership with Harley-Davidson, My Garage, brings us inside the garage of Harley-Davidson enthusiasts around the world.

Season 1

Zach Hindes

Zach is a metal fabricator who maintains an accomplished career in NASCAR while continuing to build some of our industry’s most influential motorcycles. In this episode, you’ll see everything from late-model FXRs to antique original bikes and complete turn-key chopper builds.

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Sid Tang

Sid is an accomplished photographer who is teaching himself to work on and build motorcycles. Although his garage is a tight space, he’s managed to acquire an impressive collection of tools, motorcycles and other unique pieces.

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Matty Matheson

Although Matty needs no introduction, we saw a new side of him during our visit. We learned how he thinks about style, what building motorcycles and dishes have in common and we also got into some antics along the way.

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Dread Fiyah

When Dread isn’t cycling through the Queen City, he can be found on his Big Twin Evo, which he modified using the same approach he takes when building bicycles, placing an emphasis on simplicity.

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Rick & Ramsey

Not only do they have 40+ vintage original bikes and choppers on their property, they also have a separate, much larger, collection curated with their partner in Asheboro, NC called American Classic Motorcycle Museum.

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Joey Cano

Here in San Antonio, Texas with the quick-witted Joey Cano, who's known for churning out some of our industry's most impressive custom motorcycles and paint jobs. With the drive to outdo himself every time he leaves the paint booth, it's clear he didn't earn that reputation by accident.

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Alex Earle

In this episode of My Garage, we venture to Thousand Oaks, California where Alex shows off a portion of his motorcycle collection and a few pieces he’s designing for his Pan America, which he rides to work on the legendary Mulholland Drive.

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