35°53'50.3"N 81°45'21.2"W

Brown Mountain isn't a walk in the park. It rained on us most of the 150 miles we rode that weekend and the majority of those miles were illuminated only by our headlamps. 

Our G20 was a safe haven and felt like sleeping in a Ritz-Carlton after a full day and night of tough riding - at least when compared to tent camping. 

The bikes performed great; doing everything we demanded of them without missing a beat. 

We only wish we brought more coffee and had more time to ride.

The cruise back to the real world wasn't all that bad thanks to our latest playlist.

Take a listen, close your eyes and imagine yourself in the woods with the sound of four-strokes thumping by in the distance. 

It's become our happy place. 

Listen while in the woods. Preferably on a motorcycle.