Aerial Reel - Fun


Six months ago, we debuted our short film, Let’s Go, with Remedy. Let’s Go was a love letter to motorcycles and everything that comes with them as a kick off to 2020.

We started the year out strong and we’re still thankfully doing well. We’ve designed a number of motorcycle parts in-house this year including what may be our most proud effort to date, the Prism Supply H-D Sportster Hardtail Kit which will work with ’82-’03 Sportsters. It’s not ready yet, but we’re in the final stages and expect to start taking orders soon.

Even though our shop is alive and well, thanks to you all, our world has been going through some unprecedented challenges. There’s racial and political tension everywhere, all while the public at large is quarantining themselves at home to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Crazy doesn’t begin to explain the times we’re all living in right now. But, there’s one thing we’re pretty sure of. In addition to all of our humanistic needs, we all just want to enjoy life and have fun. Fun looks like a lot of different things for a lot of different people. For us (and probably for you if you’re reading this), fun looks like riding motorcycles with friends. 

That’s why, in the midst of all the chaos, we wanted to promote fun. Take care of yourself and be safe, without a doubt. But, don’t forget to let loose a little and enjoy life. Not to mention, it’s pretty easy to stay 6-feet away from each other if you’re all on bikes.

That’s why we thought now is the perfect time to unveil this special aerial cut by Dominic Sansotta and the Nowsay team from the day we shot Let’s Go. 

There’s no agenda behind this short clip apart from hopefully inspiring you to love on each other, go ride and enjoy life as best as you can. The Lord knows we all need it right now.

Be sure to stay tuned to our YouTube channel these days. Not only are we releasing cool short films like this, but we’re also planning to publish a lot more DIY and instructional videos like Chain Drive Installs, Sling Shot Clutch Assembly + much more.


Production Company: Remedy

Directors: Josh Sliffe & Allen Baker

Producer: Austin Simmons

DP: Rob Russell

1st AC: Gray McClammrock

2nd AC: Trevor Jackson

Gaffer: Jim Cote

Grip: Walker Anderson

Sound Recordist: Josh Dorsett

Aerial Cinematography: Dominic Sansotta & Zach Burkhart

PA: Pete Norton