Prism Supply | Born Free 12

Along with most others who were present at Oak Canyon Ranch this past weekend, Born Free 12 was the first motorcycle show we’ve been to since 2019. 
Anticipation has been growing for this show for a long time now - builders spent their time perfecting their bikes while we planned our trip out west. To say we were eager to catch up with everyone would be an understatement and we were also excited to show off some of our latest projects. Our Sportster Hardtail kit was unveiled at this year’s show alongside a slew of our most popular parts including a variety of our tail lights, petcocks and control kits
While we’re grateful that our parts have been well received, we’re most excited about getting to know a lot of you who have been supporting us over the years. We had a great time chatting with new and familiar faces throughout the weekend as we all got to enjoy what some of our industry’s most talented builders had to offer.
In between conversations and rounds of dice, we roamed around and shot photos of anything that stood out to us. So, without further ado, we hope you enjoy our photo gallery from the show and hope to see you later this year at our show with DicE Magazine, The Congregation Show, which is happening on October 9 here in Charlotte, NC.