Cherry Garcia | Jonny Bourgault's 1995 Harley-Davidson Sportster

Jonny's been our friend for a long time and this Sportster has been a part his life for as long as we've known him. When we were in the early stages of developing our Sportster Hardtail Kit, we asked Jonny if he would be interested in letting us use his bike as our second guinea pig for the kit and he kindly agreed.
Similar to the first time we installed our '82-'03 Sportster Hardtail Kit, we moved methodically to make sure the frame mounts as intended. Everything went smooth and once that part of the build was behind us, we got to work with Jonny to build the next iteration of his Sportster, named Cherry Garcia.
Watch as Jonny walks us through all of the noteworthy parts of the bike and his reasoning behind many of the build decisions.