Cloth Spark Plug Wires - DIY Install

Now that you’ve got rid of those crusty old spark plug wires riddled with insect carcasses, it’s time to throw on some new spark plug wires, to stay running strong.
Are you disappointed with the less-than-attractive wires on the market? We have some available, wrapped in cloth, in a variety of colors right here. And, you can cut them to custom lengths if needed.

Ready to get started? Here's what you'll need:

  • Wire cutter
  • Wire stripper
  • Wire crimper (or one of those handy tools that features all of the above)
  • Spark plug socket/wrench
  • Spark plugs of your choice (not necessary for this install, unless, well, you need them)
Make sure you have all of these components:
  • 40" long cloth wire
  • Two 90° black spark plug boots
  • Black coil boots
  • 2 terminal ends
Prism Supply Cloth Spark Plug Wires

    Step One

     Measure the new wire to the desired length for whichever plug you’re starting with. Leave a little slack and cut.

    Step Two

    Snip approximately ½” off of the jacket of the wire exposing the suppression core wire strands.

    Step Three

    Slip rubber boot over the wire.

    .Do not skip this step, it will make the rubber boot hard to slip over the crimped terminal.

    Step Four

    Fold the strands back and place in bottom half of new terminal.

    Step Five

    Crimp the terminal making sure that the teeth turn inward ensuring a secure connection.

    Step Six

    Slide the boot up and plug wire into the coil. Opening and closing the copper terminal may be necessary for a good fit into the coil. You should feel a slight drag between the coil terminal and spark plug terminal while installing the plug wire into the coil.

    Step Seven

    Repeat steps 1-6 for other cylinder.

    Step Eight (Optional)

    Remove old spark plug, check for overall engine vitality. Install new plug if needed.

    Step Nine

    Slip new rubber boot over the plug and make sure it starts up.

      Step Ten

      Go ride and enjoy.
      Words and photos thanks to Dustin Wilson.