DIY Install | Sling Shot Clutch Control

Our Sling Shot Clutch Control comes as either stainless or mild steel and is designed to mount to H-D big twin frames. Today, we show you how to install the kit and walk you through some accessories you can run with it.

Sling Shot Clutch Control Specs:

  • Made of Stainless Steel.
  • Consists of both forward and backward internal lever stops.
  • Bolts directly up to Harley big twin frames.
  • Can be used with OEM kickstand and kickstand plate.
  • Kickstand mounting holes are tapped eliminating the need for nuts.
  • Generator can be serviced without removing the assembly.
  • Contains replaceable brass bushings.
  • Can be used on an open or closed primary.
  • Backing plate and lever are available in either mild or stainless steel (The clutch pivot bolt comes in stainless only).
  • All necessary stainless steel mounting hardware is included.
  • Sold in raw finish. The stainless can be polished.

Tools Needed:

  • 7/32 Allen Key
  • 3/16 Allen Key
  • Loctite

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