Harley-Davidson Highway King Campaign Shoot | A Moment to Remember

It was mid-March when Harley-Davidson reached out to me about a top-secret bike release shoot in California. They said my vintage vibe, Prism brand, and dad's legacy made me the perfect fit. Trusting my H-D friends, I committed to the shoot without even seeing the bike.
When I finally saw an image of the bike, I knew I made the right choice. Drawing inspiration from a 1968 magenta generator Shovelhead, I couldn't believe I'd be one of the first to ride this 2023 Electra Glide named The Highway King.
After a day of LA adventures, I woke up early for the shoot. Arriving in Palmdale, CA, I discovered I was the first "talent" on set. My excitement must've been contagious as everyone on set welcomed me warmly. Unable to resist finger foods, my ultimate weakness, I kept sneaking treats from the never-ending food supply and guzzling coffee throughout the day.
Once on set, I studied the bike's details, itching to ride. We shot various stills, and I even used a Super 8 camera for the first time to capture the Highway King's features.
My first ride came after a scene where I looked at a photo of my grandfather. Yes, that's actually my grandfather. Nervous and anxious, I navigated the gravel turn under the motel sign, trying to ignore the 40ish onlookers. I nailed it, much to my relief!
prism supply jake hindes grandfather photo harley davidson electra glide highway king motorcycle release video
The highlight was a sunset shoot with an Audi camera car on a blocked-off street. I cruised back and forth, clocking 25 miles, as the sun dipped behind snow-capped mountains. That little ride will forever hold a special place in my heart as it helped remind me to carry on my family's riding history and the simple reasons why I ride motorcycles: freedom, adventure, and self-expression.
The Highway King brought me an unforgettable day and one that I will always remember. I have no doubt that this remarkable motorcycle will create powerful and memorable experiences for countless others, creating a legacy of unforgettable adventures.
Thank you Harley-Davidson for the opportunity, always believing in Prism, and for creating the best motorcycle company of all time. 
- Jake
If you want to learn more about the 2023 Electra Glide Highway King, click here.