Lone Star State of Mind - Born Free TX

Born-Free brought their show from Silverado, California to Mt. Enterprise, Texas for the first time ever last weekend. We loaded up and headed out with a group of friends to see what Yellow Rose Canyon had to offer. As we entered the venue, we saw a row of quintessential Texan cabins on the left and as we approached, we realized the cabins overlooked a massive bowl-like opening in the earth that housed a stage, hundreds of motorcycles and vendors from across the industry.
We were excited for the show and knew we wanted to document our experience in the Lone Star State, but we didn’t want to take the typical approach to event coverage, so we handed a 35mm disposable film camera to each person in our group and asked them to shoot what stands out to them over the course of our weekend.
Below is a first hand account of Born-Free Texas through the eyes of each person we traveled with. You’ll see bikes, people and general shenanigans as we roamed around under the Texas sun while riding motorcycles, listening to music and experiencing the first Born-Free Texas.