Our Process | Psychic Shifter

When we started Prism Supply back in 2012, one of our foundational goals was to manufacture as many motorcycle parts in-house as possible. 
But, we were set on having our latest product, the Psychic Shifter, sand casted and that’s simply not something we’re cut out for. 
Sand casting is a discipline that seems to be increasingly rare these days. Not to mention, it was important to find a US-based sand caster. 
After spinning our wheels searching all over the country, we stumbled upon a company right here in Charlotte, Jenkins Electric, who has been operating a casting foundry since before anyone on our team was even born. 
Once we learned about Jenkins Electric and got to know their team, we quickly found out they understood what we were trying to do and had the attention to detail and expertise needed to help bring our vision to life. 
We’re proud that this product is 100% made right here in Charlotte and hope you like it as much as we do. 
Buy The Psychic Shifter: prismsupply.com/products/psychicshifter
Product Specs:
Our Psychic Shifter is made of cast aluminum and metal finished / machined right here in-house. Each one of these is completely unique and has their own style.
The mounting portion of the shifter is thin enough to be used with a stock primary cover. There is no need to purchase a separate shift knob for this shifter because it has a shift knob that resembles a crystal ball cast into it, hence the name "Psychic Shifter."
Other Technical Details:
  • The length of the arm, including the crystal ball but excluding the plate, is 6.5". 
  • Comes with a cast and tumbled finish. 
  • Contains three stainless steel mounting screws.
Learn More About Jenkins Electric: https://www.jenkinselectric.com/