PRISM SUPPLY | Harley-Davidson Panhead Starting Sequence

It’s no secret that we’re infatuated with antique Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Whether it’s an all original bike or a survivor chopper, we’re privileged to spend a great deal of time around old bikes. 

However, we recognize that a lot of you out there have only read or watched videos about them. 

So, we thought you’d be interested in learning how we get these old motorcycles started - the process is a little more complicated than today’s modern electric start bikes to say the least. 

If you have another starting sequence you follow, let us know in the comments and be sure to check out this 1952 Harley-Davidson Panhead, named Bronco Bronze, at The Congregation Show this year on October 9.

Watch our Walk Around Video of Bronco Bronze:

Read The Story About Finding Bronco Bronze:

Read Bronco Bronze Chapter 1 - Teardown:

Read Bronco Bronze Chapter 2 - Restoration:

Watch us ride Bronco Bronze for the first time in 30+ years:

See the finished photo set of Bronco Bronze:

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