The Ski Team

The Congregation Show, our collaboration with Dice Magazine, was postponed, then most recently canceled as we continue to react to the reality that is 2020. Rest assured, we didn’t take the decision lightly and it stung more than most. And, even though we stand by it, we didn’t want that to be the final nail in our summer’s coffin. We needed a good distraction and a boost in spirit. Plus, it turns out that patrolling the internet isn’t a very good resource for Vitamin D. 

So, we busted out the slalom ski, rode to the lake and soaked up some sun with the crew. The skiing was tougher than we remember and some of us bailed, drinking more lake water than beer, but we left the dock that day laughing, smiling, and breathing a little easier. Life’s tough and the world is complicated, but the laughter on the lake was the silence we needed from all the noise. 

We made a shirt to commemorate that day, because it taught us a lesson. The Ski Team Tee embraces the movement that encourages you to grab those close to you, unplug from reality, and reset. The experience is likely to ground your perspective and remind you what really matters in life.

Whether you unplug by going to the lake, camping, or something else, join the Ski Team movement - just don’t drink the lake water. 

Buy the Ski Team Tee here:

Our sincerest gratitude to the film crew:

Director / Editor: @wcsimmonsfilm

Producer: @DiceMagazine

DP: @traviskarr  

AC1: @jeff_pollina

Grip: @beallison

Song: "Wild Pipedream" by @thenewcreaturesband

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