The Third Annual Congregation Show Recap

Year three of The Congregation show is a wrap. Two weeks ago, literally thousands of vintage motorcycle and hot rod enthusiasts flooded the property of Camp North End. Thanks to the countless love and support we received from friends and family in the industry and what felt like countless hours, we were able to pull this sucker off alongside DicE Magazine.

For months leading up to the event, our team was filtering the hundreds of bike and car submissions as people prepped for the show. Because of this, we were exposed to the sheer quality of machines that would soon grace the wooden-block floors of the old Ford building on Statesville avenue. We were even permitted to occupy the entire building unlike years past where we had to block off certain sections. Based on all of that, we knew this show would be one for the books. It turns out we weren’t wrong.

The story of this year’s show started months prior with Harley Davidson. We were tasked with the tall order of taking a brand new 2019 Iron 1200 Sportster, tearing it apart and turning it into something that represented the vintage look and feel that we all know and love. The result was a Sportster that not only got finished in time (insert nervous sweaty GIF here), but a bike that we’re truley proud of. If you haven’t see the finished build, click here and let us know your thoughts.

After wrapping the Sportster project, we teamed up with dozens of sponsors and vendors to make sure everyone had a good time at the show. From food and drinks, music curated by New Commute and vendors from all over the country, we knew we had the staff and brands to round out the experience for everyone who attended.

Without the above folks, the show simply wouldn’t have happened. Believe us when we say, Prism and DicE folks aren’t the only ones investing some sweat equity into The Congregation Show. Because of that, it would be remiss of us not to mention everyone involved and extend a most grateful thank you to those who made it happen and more importantly, the enthusiasts who come out to attend and support our community.

Until next year!

See photo gallery below.

The Congregation Show