Vintage 1,000 - Day Five Recap

Day Five: Robbinsville, NC - Chattanooga, Tennessee

-From Matt's Journal-

01) What was your favorite part of the day?

I loved riding through the Hiwassee area and on Chilhowee MTN as we got into Polk Co., TN. Parksville Lake is so pretty!

02) What was the most challenging part of the day?

About 20 miles from Chatt, we hit the hardest rain of the trip. Pulled over and scrambled to get rain gear on, but still got drenched!

03) Did you have any bike problems today?

Not really. Jake’s bike didn’t like the rain. Either water got in the carb or his points got soaked. He got ‘er running again after only a 15-20 minute delay. 

04) What’s something you’re glad you packed today?

Rain jacket and bubble shield! Whew.

05) Is there something you wish you packed today, but didn’t?

Boots are still wet - not sure what I could pack to help. Maybe just find waterproof boots?

06) What made today different because you’re on a Harley-Davidson?

We had some steep hills and roads - every time we hit them, our HDs just cruise right along - no issues. 

07) Where did you travel today?

Chattanooga, TN - We made it!

08) What were the general vibes from today’s ride?

Nothing but  smiles baby. Everyone is super pumped to finish. 

09) How are the other rider’s doing?

Only a few people didn’t make it due to medical issues - I think they had more finishers this year than any other. 

10) Write 5-10 sentences about today’s ride.

Riding was relaxing and fun today despite the rain. It was cool riding through Tellico and other areas I grew up visiting. It was really nice seeing the Bitter Alibi - knowing we made it! First Harleys to ever do it. :)