Vintage 1,000 - Day Four Recap

Day Four: Burnsville, NC - Robbinsville, NC

-From Jake's Journal-
01) What was your favorite part of the day?
My favorite part of today is that I’m starting to feel really connected to some of the dudes on the trip. Today I’m really starting to enjoy sleeping in my tent. It’s starting to feel relaxing and becoming my “wind-down” place.
02) What was the most challenging part of the day?
This morning I had a hard time getting to the mindset of enjoying the ride because I was so worried about having another day w/ multiple issues. When I got through half the day, I started to appreciate my bike and trust it again. I remember thinking that I need to enjoy the adventure and all that comes with it regardless of breakdowns.
03) Did you have any bike problems today?
Drew with his SL350 kept having spline shifter issues. We cut a beer can into shims and tried to shove shims in with the shift lever. It worked for about 50 miles and the shifter starting slipping again. Repeat this shim process and we make it to the support van where they just happened to have a new lever. 
04) What’s something you’re glad you packed today?
I wish I had easy access to a t-shirt today. It got crazy hot! The temperature range today was 50 something in the morning to 95 in the afternoon!
05) Is there something you wish you packed today, but didn’t?
I wish I would have packed more zip ties and JB weld. I had to sip tie and JB weld 2 bolts that support my entire subframe into place.
06) What made today different because you’re on a Harley-Davidson?
Being on an HD today really felt powerful. It felt torquey. We had a hill climb that was pretty technical and I chugged right up it in first gear while the other had to give it all their bikes had.
07) Where did you travel today?
I’ve lost track of our locations…. I think we’re somewhere in NC.
08) What were the general vibes from today’s ride?
We probably had the best overall vibe day today. We were relatively smooth sailing and its friday!
09) How are the other rider’s doing?
One person broke their ankle today on the hill climb. Everyone else is doing great! 
10) Write 5-10 sentences about today’s ride.
I obviously miss everyone back home. It wouldn’t be as bad if I had service to converse with everyone back home. But because of our locations in the mountains we’ve had little to no service. It's been a good challenge being unplugged from technology.