The Ski Team - Prism Supply
The Congregation Show, our collaboration with Dice Magazine, was postponed, then most recently canceled as we continue to react to the reality that is 2020. Rest assured, we didn’t take the decision lightly and it stung more than most. And, even though we stand by it, we didn’t want that to be the final nail in our summer’s coffin.
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Alex Eyssen’s Model T - Prism Supply
I recently photographed this 1915 Ford Model T Touring Car with Alex Eyseen at Camp North End here in Charlotte, North Carolina. Queen City locals l know if you go to Camp North End on any given day, you’ll see area photographers roaming around and shooting on the old picturesque property. For that reason, the location may seem like an obvious place to shoot a historic car, but that’s not why we chose it.
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